Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Went off track, but I'm coming back!

Well, as I typically do any time I ever do a diet of any kind, I went by the wayside a bit this past weekend....I did give myself the cheat in advance for the bachelorette party, but I also cheated yesterday by having some beer at our very favorite spot, Flying Saucer....I just couldn't resist.  However, I did NOT have the usual popcorn with it nor did we order anything absurd off the menu.  Actually, we ordered some hummus, which is probably one of the healthier menu items.

Saturday was a total wash....First I ate Mexican food (which, I really feel stupid about the decision I ended up making at the restaurant, although I really was trying to be good) and ended up ordering a chile relleno with chicken.  The only "healthy" choice involved in that was foregoing the chipotle cream sauce it was served with and opting for the verde sauce instead, which is just the simple green sauce made mostly of green chiles.  I did not even eat half of my plate though and hardly touched the rice, so at least there was portion control involved.  Being a bachelorette party I won't even try to justify the cocktails.  We had a blast!

Sunday was spent doing a lot of resting on the couch.  Shane grilled some jalapeno-cheddar chicken sausage that night for dinner, which we ate with chips and salsa....Again....not the best of choices but it could've been worse!

Monday we slept in, but I woke up starving.  I ended up just having a Cliff bar (yes....I know that is not good) and had a cup of black coffee while Shane went running.  In the afternoon, we went to Saucer where I enjoyed a couple of Memorial day brews....Dinner Monday night consisted of grilled bacon-wrapped asparagus and grilled tilapia.  Slowly but surely I began getting back on track...

Today was my first day to get reprogrammed.  I missed a day of my cleanse this weekend, so the fiber shake schedule is a little off....I had a fiber shake this morning and then had oatmeal with blueberries for breakfast.  I actually ended up having a package of the flavored oatmeal.  Typically I would just do the plain rolled oats, but I compared the labels and discovered that the flavored oatmeal I had is the "low sugar" kind so there were only 3 g of sugar and the exact same number of calories. I figured it wouldn't kill me...When I got to school I ate the white of a hard-boiled egg for some extra protein.

3/4 avocado
small packet of tuna
a few wheat crackers with some hummus

Spark energy drink

1 hour yoga class

leftover bacon-wrapped asparagus (1 piece of bacon wrapped around 4 spears)
small piece of tilapia
small serving of green salad with dressing (I know dressing is a no-no but calorie-wise it's not much at all)

Tomorrow I hope to do even better.  Cleanse is officially over in 3 days, but I still plan to keep up this diet for sure during the week for as long as I can possibly stand it.

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