Sunday, May 19, 2013

I'm baaaack.....with a vengeance!

Well friends, for those who used to read my blog and enjoyed it, I have returned (at least for now)!  For those who thought it was stupid, how about not reading it??? :)

Anyway, my "vengeance" I speak of is my new attitude I have against all foods that are bad for me, i.e. all foods that I just so happen to love!  After trying on a bridesmaids dress for a wedding in June and not being able to zip it all the way up, I realized perhaps I need to wake up and smell the carbs and start caring just a little bit about what I put in my body.

So I'm starting with a detox cleanse....Starting tomorrow, May 20th I will be doing the 10-Day Cleanse from Advocare.  I've heard great things about it (despite the fact that the fiber shakes supposedly taste terrible) and I am hopeful that if anything it will help me form some better habits, or at least make me a little more conscious!

The biggest challenge of this cleanse.....NO alcohol at all (obviously) and very little carbs/starches.  Otherwise I think the diet should be pretty easy.  Most of the suggested foods are things I typically eat anyway or really enjoy eating....However when I went grocery shopping today I was blown away by how DIFFERENT my grocery cart looked when I went through the checkout line and how much lower my grocery bill was!  Here are most of the items that were in my cart today:

whole wheat crackers
rainbow spiral pasta
pinto beans
black beans
canned diced tomatoes
ground turkey
jalapeno chicken sausage
baby spinach
sweet potatoes
bagged salad
almond milk
Special K protein shakes (hope they are good!)
frozen fruit (raspberries and strawberries)
frozen broccoli and cauliflower
frozen brussel sprouts
canned tuna
canned salmon
brown rice

Items I already had in my freezer to be included in my "diet" are chicken breasts and tilapia.

None of these foods are crazy weird for me to purchase, however, it was shocking to me how very little of these items I actually do buy on a regular basis.  The items missing from that list that I would normally buy include cheese, wine, bagels, cereal, bananas, and oranges, ground beef or pork chops.  Otherwise, I consider myself an overall pretty healthy person.  What I didn't realize was how very little I knew about certain foods that are thought to be healthy, but actually aren't!

I'm excited about this "adventure" and am very confident that starting it with my husband out of town will help me to really stay on track this week.  My plan is to blog either each night or every other night my meals and my progress.  This will help me stay accountable....I hope!  I have already given myself a "cheat" night because I have a bachelorette party to go to on the 25th....but other than that I am determined to be a stickler!

Wish me luck!

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