Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Perfect Combination

This post will be very short because I only want to talk about my newest discovery.  It is made with milk chocolate, which I absolutely can't STAND the taste of (by itself)  but it is also made with red wine.  Yes, that's right, I have discovered chocolate wine.  And while that may sound disgusting to skeptics, I am here to tell you it is possibly the most delicious sweet drink I have ever tasted.  And beware of just any ol' chocolate wine.  Most of that stuff IS, in fact, disgusting.  I have tasted chocolate wine a long time ago and wanted to spit it out, but this particular wine I tried recently is specially made and it actually does taste like chocolate AND wine....only better!  I drink it over ice, but you could probably enjoy it straight up.  If you're looking for something extra strong a little vodka mixed in would make an excellent chocolate martini.  This wine is only found around here at Spec's Food and Beverage at Walnut Hill and 75 in Dallas.  This is a far drive for many, but if you are ever up for an adventure and want to see some unique wines and beers and other beverages, I would recommend taking a little trip out to Spec's...and definitely purchase a bottle of Cocoa Vino while you are there.  I have only tried the plain chocolate flavor, but I have sampled the cherry and the mint and both are good...I just would prefer the plain chocolate flavor.

Here is a link to the Facebook page if you are interested in reading more about it.  

If you DO happen to read this post (all 5 of you...) and you do try this wine, I would love to hear your feedback.  I think it's fabulous!  

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